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Sunday, September 11, 2005

First Job

We wanted to start our first job officially today; went to our Thomson Hills office at about 10.30 am. The mission was to transfer some 13 VHS tapes into DVD. But we faced some major technial difficulties. At first there didn't seem to be any video source coming in throught the VHS deck into the PC, and we fixed that, but the audio was too distorted. We came to the conclusion that the fault lied with the Pinnacle Capture card, so Muru went down to purchase a capture device.

After taking almost 3 hours to install the hardware and software, we faced a similar problem; the video could be captured, but there was no audio. After painstakingly trying out several modes of capturing, we realised that there couldn't me much done. Muru literally spent his sweat and blood trying to get the problem fixed (He got his finger cut twice by a the shaprp edge of a capture card).

Then the sun set, and we left the place, not having the problem solved. Whatever it is...the problem has to be rectified over the coming week, or we are dead.

Now we have set up a basic editing studio, with some 5.1 speakers, a Windows XP system, Pinnacle, and some other basic editing softwares, for the time being, a DVD-VHS deck, the Video Capture System, in a room.

Of course, time wil improve this set-up. Now we have a place to call our own, instead of using Muru's office space, and his laptop for editing.

Thats Muru, carrying some of our equipments and coming down the stairs leading down our office space at Thomson Hills, after a hard day work of trouble-shooting.

But I guess all the trouble-shooting practices will pay off when we face similar problems in the future. There are some hurdles to cross to get where you want.


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