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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Bare Beauty

1 point up for the producers & editors of 'Bare Beauty'.
We love this programme, because of its unconventional editing, interesting and simple beauty solutions, and of course Anita's flashy specs and tops. Cool way to go guys.
All the best!

Bare Beauty
Thursday 9pm
Arts Central

Beauty may be only skin deep but we all could use a boost with today's busy schedules. Anita shares with you how to make easily accessible homegrown plants and herbs such as aloe vera, tumeric and kafir lime part of your beauty regime as face masks and health drinks. Beauty begins in the kitchen!


  • Hi Muru,
    glad you are using the blog.
    I hope that it will be a great exchange of intellects.

    Very happy that you have alerted Devagi.
    Bare Beauty recipes are great.
    They are informative, and gets you glues to the programme.

    I can't wait for 29th August, and to get the namecards.


    By Anonymous reva ananda, at 12:46 AM  

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